While I enjoy drinking cider, especially apple cider, I am no aficionado. So I'm going to keep this simple. 


Would I buy 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider? Absolutely.



5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider tastes great! There is no noticeable absence of sweetness in the cider.

I prefer the taste of  5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider compared to other ciders as it is sweet without being sickly making it considerably more refreshing to drink.

5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider is a healthier alternative to other ciders as it is 97% sugar-free.


I have been on the reduced sugar bandwagon for a while and a huge plus for this cider is that it is not artificially sweetened.

Artificial sweeteners are usually the negative side to sugar-free products so it's good to see that this cider is free of them. 


The reduced sugar content of 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider makes it a great addition to any cocktail mix as you can be a bit cheekier when it comes to the sugar content of everything else you add.

I have included a cocktail recipe "She'll Be Apples" in the video below. I created this cocktail using 5 Seeds Lower Sugar Cider. 


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